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Self-care On A Budget: The New 30 Day Challenge

Have you noticed all the self-care ”Glow Up” routines that have been popping up everywhere since the quarantine began last year? C’mon. I am sure you’ve seen at least one. I have seen everything from hair to skin routines.

Frankly, I love them. They are empowering, convenient, and it is quite noble of the creators to share them with us. They are also very inspiring!

So much that, I have come up with my own list of 30. Each for you to add to your “glow” on a daily basis. That way in a month’s time you will feel a little more fabulous and look even better!

As a BONUS, be sure to download and share the FREE 30 Day challenge calendar below. I am certain that your friends will be thankful.

Your pockets will be thanking you as well because these tasks are all budget-friendly! Cause who says you can’t be sexy on a budget? Here goes!

This post contains affiliate links. This simply means I earn a commission if a purchase is made through some of these links – at no cost to you.

30 day self care glow up challenge calendar

Day 1 – Get More Sleep

Ahh, sleep. Just the sound of that beautiful word makes me drool in anticipation for bedtime. Make sure you get more sleep this month, starting from Day 1.

You will look better and feel better. Getting a full night’s rest can boost your immune system, improve your mood, and increase your physical and mental productivity.

Day 2 – Pray

You probably know the old adage. Prayer really is powerful. It heals. And it draws you closer to our creator. This is a big YES for your on-going self-care routine. Building a true and unprecedented relationship with God will have you glowing from the inside out.

God loves you. He only wants to see His children living out their potential and their happiest life. Praying daily (or even multiple times a day) can help to make the darkest day glimmer with hope.

Day 3 – Go Outside

woman in white knit sweater

Speaking of glimmer, there is nothing like the glimmer of the sun on a nice warm day. I’m in Florida 😎. And February around these parts is prime sunshine time.

But if you’re in another part of the country, or world, it is still important to get a small dose of the outdoors. So go outside today and breathe. Take a look into the sky. Look all around you. You are here on earth for a reason. Acknowledge it. Be present.

Day 4 – Get Active

Pick your favorite style of exercise today and go for it! If you have a normal workout routine, do an extra 15 minutes of cardio. Do an extra set of reps.

Being active has its benefits. It can improve your physical appearance and help to combat serious health problems like high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Exercise can even help to manage mental health issues like depression.

Simply going for walks can help you feel good about yourself, feel great physically, and can be loads of fun. So get out there, and get going!

Day 5 – Take a Bubble Bath

Confession. I absolutely adore a good bubble bath, so I am throwing this one in here for myself. However, you will be thanking me later.

Fill that bath tub up. Use hot water, not piping. But enough so you can be in there for awhile. Use some nice smelling bath gels and oils. Light some candles, and find a peaceful playlist on your phone.

Once that’s done, set the phone on the bathroom counter. No screens during tub time. Soak in the bliss that is the bubble bath.

Wash all those cares away. Leave the day in the other room, the hallway, or even on the bathroom floor where you might have dropped your clothes. Unwind and be kind to yourself.

Day 6 – Connect With Your Loved Ones

Caring for yourself is especially important because it allows you to be there for the people you love. I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend.

I love many people. Because of the roles and the impact they have on my life, I want to make sure I spend time with the people I care about or at least keep in touch with them.

It is important that the people who love you know how much you love them. Connection feels good. And it looks good on you.

Day 7 – Drink More Water

woman drinking water from glass bottle

If you have been keeping up with my other posts, then you know how much I love water. I am a big advocate for drinking more than enough.

Did you know that all the ageless Hollywood beauties mention water in their daily routines? Yes, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez tell us that water is great for your skin, your body maintenance, and the absolute best source of hydration.

If you want to glow – glow, drink your agua. Despite what those old milk ads used to tell us, WATER does a body good!

Day 8 – Eat Your Vegetables

Are you up for a real challenge? Eat your vegetables all month, starting now.

Eating more vegetables and fruits (you see how I snuck that in) can help with your self-care this month by touching on so many previously mentioned areas. Eating healthier helps you sleep better.

It can also help your energy levels so that you can become more active. Plus, vegetables help with digestion and bloating (for that special time of the month).

Day 9 – Read (Or Listen to) A Book

While we are working on our bodies, let’s not forget about our minds. Reading reduces stress. It also helps to improve concentration, knowledge, and writing skills. Find a good new read today and enjoy.

If you are having a difficult time finding a read, I have the perfect text to recommend to you. Make it a point to read your Bible daily. If you can commit to reading this text it will help to improve your character, build your mindset, and feed you spiritually. They don’t call it the good book for no reason.

Day 10 – Express Yourself

monochrome photography of woman wearing swimsuit

Today you are doing anything that makes you feel like you. That might look like journaling, studying scriptures, dancing, or drawing a picture. Where ever you feel most at home, go there and dwell.

Day 11 – Talk to Someone

Yesterday was about expressing yourself autonomously. Today is about expressing yourself to someone outside of yourself. It can be a friend, coworker, mother, your Pastor, or God.

It can even be the person you met last week at spinning class (just make sure you’re safe). No matter who it is, make sure you let out whatever you’ve been hanging onto these past few weeks. The verbal expression is healthy.

Day 12 – Practice Gratitude

Wake up with a grateful heart and hold on to it all day. Having a positive and thankful point of view really sets your day on a good trajectory.

So be a glass half full type of person all day and see how that works towards maintaining your glow and stress levels. Your heart will be thanking you by the end of the day.

Day 13 – Find Your Purpose

If you haven’t already, dedicate some time towards reflecting on what you are serving and whom you are serving today. What is your purpose? Are you living every day with the intention of feeding into the purpose you’ve defined?

Sometimes self-care means loving the person that you aspire to be, by investing in the person that you are today.

Day 14 – Take Vitamins

woman holding half full glass and white medicine pill

Okay, now that we have done some mental and spiritual pushups, let us get back to your body for a second. Make sure you take your vitamins today.

If you have your go-to, take those. If not, find one that resonates with you and take them daily from now on.

Day 15 – Declutter Your Surroundings

Yayyyeeee!!! We are half way through the month!! Today, set aside some time to declutter your space (your room, closet, office, etc.) so that you can have the space to dance around and celebrate your accomplishment. You are rocking this challenge!

Day 16 – Let Go of Your Past

You have officially made it over the hump. It is all downhill from here. Promise.

Today we are working on forgiveness and letting go of burdens from the past. I know. It’s easier said than done. But, you should dedicate some time to figuring out how to give it all to God.

Remember you can only control you, not situations that have already happened and not other people. Let it go.

Day 17 – Stretch

photo of woman and girl stretching their body

After letting go, stretching is going to feel sooooo good!! Find a spot in that space you decluttered a few days ago (hopefully it is still looking that way) and stretch it out, girl! You deserve to loosen up.

Day 18 – Give Yourself a Pedicure

Now that you are all stretched out you can reach those toes and give them a nice home pedicure. WOOT!

Find that foot scrub and get the hot water running in the tub. That’s right, soak those bad boys first! Then scrub like your life depends on it.

Afterwards, cut, file, and moisturize. If you already have a pedicure kit, even better, work them tools, sis! Find a cute polish, dry for 15 to 20 minutes and voila! Homemade cute toes 🀣 !

Day 19 – Know Your Value

Today you are not putting up with any nonsense from anyone. Set boundaries and stick to them. That means a no is a hard no. Do not let anyone step on your toes. You just did them!

Day 20 – Practice Kindness

Today all you have to do is show someone some love. Do you use the drive thru? Try paying the tab of the car behind you.

Compliment your co-worker. Surprise your child with a treat after dinner. Spread the self-care love outwardly.

Day 21 – Watch Your Favorite Movie Again

Time for self-care fun! What’s your favorite movie? I have tons! If you are a cinephile this one should be easy. Pick your favorite film or a movie you have been trying to find the time to watch and watch it today! You are welcome πŸ˜‰ .

Day 22 – Learn a New Skill

crop faceless person painting animal on dark wall

Do you have a skill you have been trying to master? Is that guitar you got last Christmas just staring at you from the corner? What about that language you said you were going to learn?

Learn it! Play it! Master it! There is no time like the present.

Day 23 – Shave Your Legs

If you are like me, you might need some reminding on this one. Shave today. Then find a reason to show off your work.

If the weather allows go to the beach or the park and sport those legs. If it doesn’t allow, take a picture so that you can remind yourself how good your legs look the next time you put off shaving.

Day 24 – Whiten Your Teeth

Let’s add to your self-care routine. Find yourself an affordable teeth whitening kit to trial and go for it!

Start the process to a healthier and brighter grill. What a nice way to help enhance your glow!!

Day 25 – Write Yourself a Poem

You wouldn’t hesitate to profess your love to your man, so don’t stall with yourself. Write a beautiful poem that communicates just how great of a human you are. Because you are AWESOME.

Day 26 – Exfoliate

Your skin is an important component of your glow. You self-care duty is your skin today. Exfoliate in the shower with a good and healthy scrub brush. Be sure to moisturize with coconut oil or another essential moisturizer afterwards.

photo of people pouring melted chocolate on cake

Day 27 – Smile All Day

You had to guess that I was going to have you put those teeth to work. Try to smile all day today, no matter what!

Self-care tip: Find a reason and commit to the smile.

Day 28 – Practice Confidence

While you are glowing on the inside, you might as well glow inwardly too. Work on your confidence.

Self-care can mean building your self-esteem. Know your value and set yourself apart.

We are all children of God. We are special in His eyes and made in His image. Have faith in Him and yourself and rock the world.

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Day 29 – Try Natural

For self-care today, try rocking your hair naturally if you can. Do a protective style. If you are already rocking natural, cool. You can try a new protective style.

Fun fact about me: I recently began my sister lock journey. I will be rocking my protective style in a new do today. Au natural and au fabulous chile !!!

Give your hair a break. Natural is always good for the glow.

Day 30 – Drink Tea

white ceramic cup on saucer

Sip, sip, hooray! Look at us! We did it!! Give yourself a hug. You are glowing, loved up and self-cared out I am sure, ha!

Today celebrate by making yourself a nice cup of green tea for rejuvenation, or chamomile for better sleep (gotta keep that glow up😁).

Be sure to sit back and relax at some point today. You deserve it. Phew! What a month!

His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace… His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.

Revelation 1:15-16 niv

Did you enjoy this read? Be sure to comment and share your favorite day of the challenge. Until next time. Love you. xoxo

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