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How To Use Sunday To Guarantee A Better Week

Sundays are famous. Resurrection Sunday to Super Bowl Sunday. There are many Sundays throughout the year that we use how we see fit. But what if every Sunday had a purpose? What if Sundays could help you have a smoother, stress-free week guaranteed?! They can!!! Keep reading to learn how.

1. Use Sunday To Celebrate

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Worshiping on Sundays might be an obvious one for the Christian mom. But just in case it is not, I thought it best to leave this right here at the top for viewing pleasure:-). But seriously. I used to take going to church for granted. But before I found my home church, I always felt like something was missing from my Sundays. I would visit many a church but committed to none. That all changed when I found the right fit. So, if that is your story, then do not give up. Starting your week with the corporate worship of our Heavenly Father is extremely important. 

2. Use Sunday To Plan For The Week 

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Another first for your week is establishing a structure for each of the remaining six days. Work, school, and family obligations are no exception. Does Eric have a ball game? Did John do his science project? Be sure to write it down and help make it happen for your family. Leaving things in your head is a sure-fire way to forget something. 

3. Prepare Your Clothes For The Week 

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Growing up, my father would always pick out and iron all his work clothes for the week. He still did up until the quarantine left him working remotely. This practice takes a lot of discipline but is worth the extra effort. It saves you so much time during the week. I know that some moms pick out clothes the night before, and some risk-takers even wait until the morning to get their outfits together. I am telling you, nothing beats the relief you get knowing you and/or your children’s clothes are ready and waiting for you because you got them together on Sunday. 

4. Prepare/Plan Your Meals For The Week 

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Just like preparing clothes, prepping your meals can make your week run a lot smoother. You can start small. One meal a day. Or one dish for a few days. I like prepping my boys’ lunches for the week. I also plan dinners so that I have the groceries shopped and ingredients ready by Sunday. That helps because when I make dinner during the week, I do not have to run around looking for anything or waste time wondering what is for dinner. 

5. Make/Eat Sunday Dinner With Family 

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Sunday dinners are a great tradition to keep because it gives you an excuse to spend time with family and well eat! That reminds me of the movie Soul Food. After church, everyone would go to Big Momma’s house for some good home cooking. Those types of memories are priceless. So whether you have a big family or not, try and squeeze in this one. 

6. Play With The Kiddos 

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Like family dinners, playing with your kids are memories and moments that you have to cherish. They grow up so fast. The time we spend with them can always become quality based on how we choose to spend those moments. Playing does not have to mean toys or video games, even though these can be fun and educational. Playing means an enjoyable time, well spent with your children. 

7. Rest 

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I think this last one says it all. There is no need for further explanation. Even God rested on the seventh day. If you remember nothing else on this list, please please remember to give yourself time for some good ole, tried and true, rest and relaxation. 

Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time.

Colossians 4:5 NKJV

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  1. Deborah says:

    Very good advice to spend your Sundays! Thank you for sharing.

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