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7 Simple Tasks That Will Change Your Life Instantly

Are you trying to grow as a person? Do you want to do better? I know I do. It had come to a point where I realized that I had to stop self-sabotaging. I could not keep saying I wanted one thing but doing another. If this sounds like you, then this will be the beginning of a new outlook on life. I am giving you seven simple tasks to help you change your life by managing it with confidence.

What is Life Management and Why It Will Change Your Life

The Struggle

Face it. Life can be anything but perfect. No matter who you are or how much you have, it will come with its trials and obstacles.

As a single mother, I have learned the hard way. I cannot control everything. And while I was reading plenty of dating tips and relationship advice articles about finding the one, I was not reading nearly enough about being the one for myself.

Then something happened that changed all of that for me. I got pregnant. Again. It had been almost seven years since I gave birth to my second son. How did this happen?!? Me saying I wanted one thing but doing another.

Marriage was supposed to be the next stop before or if I ever got pregnant again. I said I was not having sex anymore. So, how did I end up pregnant with no ring?! Because I said one thing, did another. You see the pattern here?

I am not beating myself up about it (been there, done that). My baby boy is a blessing. Jesus is a healer and redeemer. But the reality is that now I am a single mother of 3 children. Not two. Not one. Three!

My Epiphany

So, if I still wanted to accomplish my life goals or place my children in the position where they could set and fulfill theirs, I had to learn to get my stuff together. And keep it that way!

No more distractions or derailment. I wanted real help and real answers. Enter life management skills.

Life management is more than just how you manage your life.
It is living your life with intention.

And if you want to live a happy, well-balanced life, then you need these skills.

Is Life Management for You ?

More specifically, you should consider learning how to manage your life if you: 

  • Take on a multitude of tasks daily 
  • Are responsible for numerous people 
  • Are prone to stress or facing stressful situations
  • Tend to get overwhelmed and seek an escape/distraction 
  • Are a single mom, in which case most or all of the above is very likely the case anyway 

Now that we have identified the issues, I will focus on how you can go about solving them fast. 

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Here are seven ways you can change your life with the confidence we both know you have:

1. Concentrate Your Power (towards your purpose)

I can’t take credit for this first task. Thanks, Tony Robbins! Number 1 is the reason why managing your life even matters. To change your life, you concentrate your power.

Humans are powerful entities. After all, God created us in His image. To see our life’s potential with full clarity, we should aim to discover the opportunities that our gifts and talents can provide.

That is what having a meaningful life requires. It is not about the fancy car you are breaking your back to pay off or that promotion you fought to earn at the job you cannot stand.

It is about reaching that life goal you secretly have. You know the one. You used to play make-believe as a child and imagine that you were doing just that. What’s so different now? Why don’t you believe anymore?

Whatever will make you the happiest in your life is what you should be doing. Therefore, you should be taking purposeful steps towards doing just that.

That might look like starting an at-home business so that you can stay home with your kids full-time or buying an RV and traveling around the country as you document your adventures. Maybe it is just supporting your children and taking care of yourself better.

Find your end goal and do things that will get you closer to that. That is what it means to find your purpose. Focus your efforts on what you truly want to achieve in life and work towards becoming a master at it.

The Bruce Lee of DIY. Or the Oprah of gardening. Having this mindset helps you focus on the daily actions you take. And it clarifies what (or who) does not need any action. Okrrr!

2. Make Better Decisions... Starting Now!

Ladies, I do not care how fine he is. If you know he is not contributing to that life goal I talked about above, DO NOT date him!

That brings me to Number 2 on this list of tasks that will change your life. Make better decisions now!

Do not wait until tomorrow, and no need to dwell on the past. In everything you do, relationship-wise, money-wise, choose to do better for yourself in general.

Are you wondering how that looks? 

That is dating with a purpose (that purpose coincides with your life goals) or taking a break from dating. That also means budgeting and making sure that all the money coming in has its purpose as well.

I read something that said to make better decisions treat your emotions like you would treat your dog. I know, at first, I was all, huh?? But that might be why it has stuck with me until now. The concept seemed weird, but when broken down further, it made a lot of sense.

Our emotions are stupid. They do not consider risks or the consequences of our actions. And like dogs, there is a side of us that wants to eat, play, sex, and sleep all day. That emotional side of us that overreacts and causes us to do as we feel needs to be trained.

Simply put, your emotions need direction so they can behave better. The more you direct these emotions, the better you will behave. The better the choices you make, the more you will change your life.

3. Work Smarter Not Harder

The key to working smarter is in planning and visualization. I have been guilty of keeping my to-dos in my head. 

As a result of this, I would either forget to do tasks or procrastinate at getting them done -deciding they weren’t as important as what I was getting done. So not true!

I started writing down my goals and chunking them into a few manageable to-do tasks. You can do this too.

Start by making a checklist or a vision board, visualize all the steps that need completing to reach your desired outcome. Then write those down and chunk them together.

Here’s an example. When I was younger, I would groan and complain when it came to cleaning my room. The chore just seemed so daunting. My older sister would assure me that it was something I was very capable of doing. 

One time when I had made the ultimate of hot messes in our room and was whining away about cleaning up, she told me, “just clean that corner.” And I proceeded to do it, thinking that she would help me finish the rest after.

Twenty minutes later, I was back playing with my toys. My sister reentered the room and congratulated my work. She then said, “oh yeah, clean under the bed too.” So, I did.

I fell asleep after that. My sister woke me up and told me that it was my job to clean my dresser. So I did that as well.

Not realizing what I had done, my sister instructed me to take one long look at the room. Gasp! It was clean! 

What seemed super intimidating to tiny me ended up being something that I accomplished in three very doable tasks. That is also how you approach your goals and adult duties.

You take that big job and break it down into its less challenging parts. You take breaks. Step away. And keep coming back until it is complete.

4. Have Family Meetings

This next one is special. Think of your family like you would a small business. If you have managed two or more people, then you know that communication is the key.

Frankly, if you have ever worked for anyone, you know what I mean. Well, when it comes to your family, you are the CEO. For the time being, you are in charge of managing these little humans that you helped make.

If you are going to change your life for the better, you must teach your children to listen and communicate effectively. And you will need to understand how to communicate with them.

Regular family meetings are a great way to do this. They also help ensure everyone is on the same page about the familial to-dos, those upcoming and those neglected.

5. Save Time For Your Children

Number 5 is independent of the time designated for family meetings. Family meetings are supposed to be communication time for your family. This time that you set aside for your kids is essentially fun.

Spending time with your children is an important task. But we get so wrapped up in our obligations and daily junk that we often forget to play with our kids. You don’t have to go outside and kick the ball around or anything (but if you can go for it). 

You can read to them, play video games, or go for walks around the neighborhood. I love to do the latter. 

I put the baby in his stroller while my older boys grab their sneakers. We take the walking trail conveniently located in our complex and enjoy the evening sun. 

It gives us time to talk, enjoy nature, and be around each other while still appreciating the space that the environment provides us. Not to mention I get to kill some calories. 

That is just one of many different types of activities I like to do with them. But by all means, it is necessary.

As we know, they won’t be children forever. They are also the reason why we work so hard at everything we do. So save some of your time for them. You will never regret it. 

6. Save Time For Yourself

Okay, this task is a major one! You must set aside time for Y-O-U.

This time will look different depending on who you are. And it can change. The time you save for yourself should be a time that you use wisely.

It is quite alright to waste an hour or so binge-watching Netflix. But, the point here is that you don’t want to waste time. You want to use it.

Use it wisely. I am a big fan of personal development. I love to read books, blogs, and more about ways to improve myself. So the time I save for myself is used for investing in my mental health and clarity. Changing how you think does change your life.

I also believe in building yourself physically. Now, you don’t have to weight train or anything. But you do want to work on being healthy in general. I mean, what is the point of changing your life if you won’t have a life to live a few years from now.

So however you choose to use your time, do so with the idea that you should be building yourself in some way, shape, or form.
7. Feed Your Spirit

I saved this one for the end purposefully, and it is where I will conclude because it has been my foundation. 

It feeds into everything else on this list that has helped to change my life. Remember when I mentioned earlier that something happened that inspired me to want to change?

Yes, it began with me getting pregnant with my third son. But it ended with Holy Spirit filling my spirit. 

I still remember the day. May 31, 2020. It was Pentecost Sunday. I was at church like any other Sunday that year. 

But that day, I knew something was going to be different. I will not go into too much detail about the events of that day. (That would be a whole new post.)

But I will say that after the Holy Spirit filled my little spirit and I began to speak in tongues, I was never the same. I will never be the same. 

I realize that every day is a blessing. Every day is a new opportunity. I have the choice to be thankful, merciful, giving, kind, and a better person. 

I have the opportunity to change my life for the better. And help other people change theirs. My creator has made me exactly as I am. My life is not by chance. Neither is yours. 

When you struggle to make the right decisions, look at it as an opportunity to seek God more.

When you are overwhelmed with the numerous tasks you take on, give it all to Jesus. Ask him to help you see what needs attention.

I used to struggle with telling people no. Do you know what I say now? “Let me pray about it before I give you an answer.” And I do just that.

Life has been so much better because my spirit is healthier. It is what makes us human.

Our spirits are what connect us to our creator. We need to ensure we are giving time to that.

Read the word of God. Pray at least twice a day. Spend time talking to and building your relationship with God.

He only wants to be a part of our lives.

My Gift To You

If you stuck around to the end, I want to give you a special treat. I am giving you free access to the Life Balance Checklist below.

Accompanied with this post, this tool can assist you in living your life the way that you promised yourself you would. Don’t keep putting it off, your new life starts today! Enter your information below to download your FREE Life Balance Checklist now!

"Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
photo of child reading holy bible
12:1-2 NIV

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